I have been lucky enough to experience Mark’s survival training program on two different occasions.
The first year, I was looking for a survival program I could run my Instructors through and add to their
training. I have a martial arts school in Reno NV and I work to challenge my instructors and keep them
well rounded. After searching online throughout the US and making some calls, Mark came highly
recommended. He was very professional and gave us a prep list for the event. My Instructors still talk
about the experience to this day. There was so much great information. Things we wanted to learn and
things we didn’t even know we should know! We still laugh about all the things we thought we could
do but turned about to be harder than we thought. Some things were like “wow” I didn’t know that. We
had to work together in some tasks and others we had to test our own skill and knowledge. Now that
I’ve been through Marks program I couldn’t imagine trying to survive without the skill and knowledge
we learned in his program. We really had a great experience. There was so much to take in I brought
an additional group back again for more training the second year.
The second year really allowed things to sink in and gave us a chance to learn new skills. We had
women and me in the class and everyone had a blast. I recommend Mark’s survival training program to everyone I
talk to.
You just don’t know what you don’t know.
— Paul Reyes, Reno Nevada (Basic and Intermediate Survival Courses)
Professional, Very knowledgeable, and down to earth. Students had a good time and enjoyed the class.
— Tommy Wehrle, Hardford County SWAT (Spring LE rappel master course)
Great class! Most I’ve learned in a single class since I have become a sniper. Qualification was nerve wrecking, but that added the extra excitement to the class that you can only get from being tested.
— David Martin, City of Davis SWAT. (Summer mountain sniper course)
...showed up squared aware and prepared. This set the tone for a great weekend. I could tell he had spent some time preplanning for this training. His deliveries were given well, not just reading from paper. He gave some great examples or personal experiences that reinforced the point. In some cases, Jerry gave demonstrations that really got the boys asking a lot of questions. Even the adult leaders learned some things they never knew about survival. It was great to see his determination and dedication to provide this great training. And Jerry was always willing to help if we needed anything.
The volunteer support Jerry provided Troop 15 led us to a very successful and well executed training. I and the rest of Troop 15 could see that Jerry could handle any situation that could show up, including the bears. Some of these boys will remember this training for a long time. Some will use it for life.
— Craig Williams, Assistant Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 15, Reno, NV
....displayed superior initiative and professionalism while instructing Special Operations Forces from Uzbekistan in mountain survival operations.
— Major-General Michael Nagata, U.S. Army
Your informative presentation highlighted the elements necessary for a successful outcome for flight crews during a downed aircraft scenario in a remote location. This critical information makes for safer and better trained flight crews and greatly increases their ability to survive in the wilderness. Your professionalism and instruction of survival techniques is admirable and greatly appreciated by the officers and staff of the CHP Valley Division Air Operations Unit.
— Commander, CHP Valley Division Air Operations Unit
It was motivating to find instructors that not only have real world experience and technical knowledge of the topic, but were also able to patiently and humbly instruct a group with varying degrees of skill.
Ultimately, Mark and Jerry are the ones who make this class what it is. Their intimate knowledge of the subject, coupled with their years of teaching experience, bring the lessons learned by the military into a class that furthers the knowledge and skill set of police snipers.
— SD SWAT Sniper
Staff Sergeant Saunders was directly responsible for the development and implementation of the most comprehensive survival training program in the United States Marine Corps.
— Colonel Seth Leonard. MCMWTC Commanding Officer